‘Girls are not supposed to ride bikes’: That’s how it started.

Vizag Rider Neeshita

‘Girls are not supposed to ride bikes’: That’s how it started.

Generally, most of us have a tendency to perform those things when someone says that we can’t do or not supposed to do. But Neeshita, who is a Lifestyle Reporter, has that tendency to a higher level. She is now one of the very few female riders of Vizag. She has shared her recent travel story with team treksome about her Long Ride to Goa on Bike along with her husband. 

The reason why she loves travelling:

“My father is fond of cars. Out of nowhere, he feels like going on a long drive. I was used to being randomly called out of my school and college. We used to travel to Orissa and some random places. That is how my love for travelling began.” She gushed. 

Unlike many stereotypical parents, Her parents raised her like any other guy. They told her that she should be independent and start earning for herself after graduation. In spite of many ambiguities during her graduation, she is proud that she was able to secure a job as a lifestyle reporter, which she loves.  

Her cousin was passionate about bikes. She too wanted to give it a try. But she decided to learn biking for sure when she heard from the most cliched people saying  “Girls are not supposed to ride bikes.”

Journey to Goa:

“Biking makes me feel free.” She added, “I love the feeling of the fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair.”

Her longest ride was to Goa along with her husband in November 2019. They attended the Riders Mania which happens every year in Goa since 2003. That is where riders from various states and countries meet their biking fraternity and share many stories related to biking. Though they were excited to meet them all, they loved the ride all over. Many bikers and the local people they met on the way greeted them, helped them and guided them. The duo was accompanied by beautiful panoramas, verdant meadows and pleasant climate all the way to Goa. 

Riders Mania:

At the Riders Mania, All the fellow bike riders were least bothered about anything else, but bikes. For the first time in her life, gender, age, looks or colour didn’t concern her thoughts. She was not all worried about people judging or staring at her. Three days spent with the riders had been the most memorable days of her life.  Meeting female riders Biker girl Visakha, Himalayan queen and more, whom she was following on Instagram made her so elated. She termed the Biking Fraternity as ‘A Non-Judgemental Safe Place.’

Concluding the journey, She adds ” We live in a society which is repugnant in a tone. We start hating people for their incompatibility with our thoughts. But travelling makes you find yourself. The kind of people you meet, kind of stories you listen to makes you feel rejuvenated. As my profession recommends, I love listening to stories and sharing them. This journey to Goa and Riders Mania served my curiosity to the maximum.”

Finally, She advises her fellow travellers “Take a break at least once a year and go travelling. Travelling doesn’t really need money. It just needs your initiative.”

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‘Girls are not supposed to ride bikes’: That’s how it started.

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