Importance of Green Exercise

Importance of Green Exercise

Travel and trek startups took special care too. “When animals or birds migrate from one place to other, they do not pollute that area, then why should humans be an exception?” questions Ravi Kiran, founder of Treksome, a city-based adventure group. The group that takes people on Nature trails in and around Visakhapatnam has been plogging during its treks. Plogging is huge globally now as people combine fitness and environmental-consciousness by picking up trash while they jog or walk.

“We encourage our trekkers to pick up plastic bottles, glass bottles, and wrappers during the treks. We carry jute bags to collect that trash,” adds Ravi. The adventure company also provides people with a discount of five percent if they pick up over 10 bottles during their trek. “Most are glad to collect the garbage as many are aware of the impact plastic has on our lives. There is an increasing shift in the mindset of people who are now using metal water bottles and steel tiffin boxes rather than carrying the plastic ones,” he says. The group plans these plogging treks in Araku areas where the footfall of tourists is high.

 Importance of Green Exercise By Treksome

‘No littering’ is the first rule that the founders of Stardust Adventures follow. The city-based adventure company ensures that people going along with them do not bring single-use plastic. “We carry a big water dispenser with us and ask people to refill their bottles from it. Though we do not force anyone to pick up trash on our treks, most of them volunteers when they see organisers picking up cans or bottles,” says Vimal Raj, founder of the company. After every trek, the trash is brought back to the city and disposed in public-use dustbins. “Most of the treks happen in interior areas of Araku and Paderu where there is no strong waste disposal system, so we bring the trash back,” says Vimal Raj.

Source: A year of green crusaders in Visakhapatnam (The Hindu)

Importance of Green Exercise

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