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2 Day trip itinerary of Araku Valley

“let’s get lost in a beautiful place”

Araku valley draws the attention of all kinds of vacationers. You can be an adventure seeker , nature enthusiast, photography lover , peace attainer or history buff. There are numerous places which catch one’s eye.

If you want to save time on planning, and yet visit all the prominent places in Araku valley, here’s our comprehensive 2-day itinerary we have curated.

Day 1

07:00 - Start from Vizag 

The best way to reach Araku is via train journey ( 08516 Visakhapatnam-Jagdalpur special express) that offers a stunning view from inside as the train-roof is made up of glass. The train passes through 65 tunnels and hilly areas during its journey so you can get a stunning view of the amazing valleys.

08:30 - Breakfast 

Nothing Better than starting your day with a perfect healthy meal while enjoying the beautiful weather.

11:00 - Borra caves 

Discover one of the largest caves of the country , the various interesting formations, the beautiful lighting, the temple make these caves a visual treat.

13:00 - Lunch 

Savour the authentic delicacies like bamboo chicken at the local market to get yourself pumped for the next steps. Bamboo chicken is a chicken curry prepared by stuffing chicken in bamboo segments and then cooking it on charcoal. Bamboo chicken is an oil free and nutritionally rich dish.

14:00 - Katiki waterfalls 

Katiki waterfalls is a nature lover’s paradise. It promotes ultimate relaxation and takes your stress away from you. One can trek and also set up a camp here.

17:00 - Reach back to the bus 

Enjoy the exclusive bus ride with scenic views of mountains and rivers on the way.

18:30 - Campground/Resort

Check in to the Maryland resort for the best possible view of the Araku valley or stay at the treksome campground for an experience to remember!

20:00 - Campfire, dinner & Music 

Dine-in under the starry sky for a satisfying meal along with campfire and soothing music to perfectly end your day.

Day 2

06:00 - Sunrise Point 

Have a cup of tea or coffee to wake yourselves fully along with the rise of the sun at the- sunset point.

07:00 - Trek to Water body

Kick-start your day with an adventurous trek to the nearby water body to calm your mind.

09:00 - Breakfast  & start to Araku 

Boost your energy for the long day ahead! And start for Araku.

10:30 - Coffee museum 

The Coffee Museum sells 60 varieties of coffee beverages, coffee powders and coffee beans chocolate all made from the locally grown and processed coffee beans.

11:30 - Tribal museum 

The museum has been designed to showcase tribal lifestyle in motion, starting with a kitchen that displays utensils made of iron and mud etc. Explore the place, go shopping and experience the beautiful architecture.

12:30 - Lunch 

Prepare yourselves for a filling meal before heading to the adventure park.

13:30 - Adventure Park 

Reach the adventure park finally and brace yourselves for some exciting and thrilling rides and games at the fun loving adventure park! 

17:30 - Start back to vizag

Go back home with some beautiful and fun memories of these two unforgettable days that you will remember for long for the thrill, tranquility and an unparalleled experience Araku valley offered to you


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