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Resorts vs. Hotels: Why Resorts Offer a Better Nature and Leisure Experience

If you’re going on vacation, you want to make sure you have the best time possible. While hotel rooms are certainly nice, they simply can’t offer the same scenic beauty as a resort vacation—both inside and outside of your accommodations. Whether you’re looking to spend more time in nature or simply have fun during your downtime, these five reasons resorts are better than hotels will show you why you should opt for something other than an average hotel room next time you plan to travel somewhere.

10 Reasons Why Resorts Are Better Than Hotels

Travelling to resorts rather than hotels is far more enjoyable for many people, especially after an experience that provides more greenery and fresh air, an experience that suits your lifestyle better, or just wants a cleaner environment in general. If you fall into one of these categories or another niche group with unique needs that hotels don’t satisfy quite as well as resorts can, here are ten reasons why switching to resorts will likely improve your overall experience at your next vacation destination.

Service is a Priority

At resorts, you’ll be able to enjoy amenities that hotels simply can’t offer. For example, some resorts will have golf courses attached to them so that you can spend your vacation playing one of your favourite pastimes. If you’re travelling with your children, many resorts even offer kids programs that keep kids busy while parents get to do whatever they want in their downtime.

Excursions Are Customised

One of my favourite things about resorts is that excursions are often custom-built, meaning you can go on nature walks through lush jungles or frolic in a tropical paradise. This is not something you’d get at your average hotel, which more often than not offers little greenery around its premises.

Activities Are Fun and Educational

The main advantage of resorts over hotels is that they offer more exciting activities for guests to enjoy, from nature walks and sports such as kayaking or golf to on-site restaurants with unique menus based on local flavours. This is beneficial not only because it encourages interaction between individuals staying at your resort but also because it leads to an enriched experience that goes beyond relaxation alone—and who doesn’t want that?

They're Inclusive

For those looking for more than just sleeping arrangements, resorts are much more accommodating to travellers’ lifestyles. You can bring pets, you have access to leisure activities like swimming or golfing, and vacationers who want to spend most of their time outdoors can do so without having to go far away from hotel grounds—resorts are built with outdoor sports in mind. In addition, if you’re seeking social opportunities during your getaway, then resort guests will have no trouble staying occupied with all the amenities on hand.

Great Views Galore

If you want to get away from it all, nothing beats a resort. They often sit on picturesque landscapes in scenic parts of countries around the world, offering beautiful views of nature that’ll make for incredible photos when you return home. There are plenty of options for activities outside, which also makes your time at these hotels better for nature lovers—whether it’s hiking, biking or even skiing if you’re somewhere cold!

Kids Love Them

Family vacations are fun, but planning a trip for multiple generations can be time-consuming. Resorts offer activities for kids of all ages, so your whole family will have something to do during your stay. Need more reason to choose a resort over a hotel? Many hotels don’t allow children under 18 in their pools or hot tubs—so if you want to relax with your little ones in these types of water attractions, resorts are your best bet.

You're Relaxed Before You Even Arrive!

Airline delays aside, there’s nothing like gliding in for a weekend getaway at your favourite resort to really put your mind at ease after a long week of work. It’s something you can’t even quite put into words—this feeling of being completely refreshed as soon as you set foot onto the property—but you know it when you feel it, because that feeling is great!

Dining Options Are Always Available

One of the best parts about staying in a resort is that they often offer more dining options than hotels. Whether it’s an on-site restaurant or dining off-property, hotels rarely offer as many different places to eat as resorts do, making resorts much more enjoyable for those who love food.

There Are Plenty Of Fun Amenities for Everyone in the Family

The common misconception about resorts is that they’re all reserved for couples with older children who are out of school. Sure, there are plenty of romantic getaways for older kids in their teens, but there are also plenty of fun amenities for everyone in the family—including younger children and babies. (Ski resorts, for example, usually have special programs for toddlers.) And often resorts cater to families because it makes sense from a business perspective—resort owners want to show off their property as widely as possible; young kids don’t care if things are romantic or not!

Happy Travelling.

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