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The Best Way to Explore Remote Villages is through Their Food

Even in the most isolated villages, you’ll usually find one thing in common: good food! The most interesting way to experience a culture is by eating what the locals eat and by talking to them about how they make it and why it’s so important to them. It’s also an opportunity to see how people from different cultures or regions use the same ingredients in different ways, depending on whether they are out at sea or inland, if they live on high ground or low, etc. A great way to get started exploring remote villages and their food is with these recipes!

Use your phone

Check out places on your phone itself. Nowadays, google is the best go-to to find new places or foods. To better understand a culture, nothing beats interacting with the locals and observing their day-to-day habits. The best way to do this is usually over a meal—food can tell you a lot about a place. Locals will let you know what they like and dislike their routine, and their lifestyle just by sharing what they eat. If you're exploring remote villages in India, your appetite will be the perfect icebreaker!

Ask questions

How much do you know about the habits, routines, and lifestyles of remote villages? Before visiting, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

- What are some of the challenges that a remote village faces?

- How might being deprived of resources shape their habits, routine, and lifestyle?

-What rituals or practices might they have?

-Do they depend on agriculture or fishing for food/shelter/sociability?

-How can I use my food as a bridge in creating connections with people in these communities?

Talk to the locals

Talking to the locals can be the best way to explore remote villages. When they are out working in their fields, they will often stop for a chat and invite you in for tea or some of their homegrown fruit. Many people who live remotely have a real entrepreneurial spirit, too.

Try new foods

If you want to explore the remote villages in your own city, it's helpful to not only explore the parts of town with a bustling nightlife scene but also experience what some parts of society eat day-to-day. Check out as many different dishes as possible and learn about how locals in your area prepare their food. The best way to understand how people from different backgrounds live is by examining their culinary preferences.

Don’t give up if you get lost

Our team got lost at first, but we found our way back. We figured out where we were and then we came all the way back using our photographic memory. We didn't want anyone to know that we got lost. So, when it was time for lunch, we stopped at a local restaurant. Asking around got us pointed in the right direction and with enough food for later! That is how we ended up at a beautiful waterfall which is virgin and completely hidden even till now.

Learn about others when you travel

A fantastic way to explore a new culture is through their food. It's not only an exciting and delicious experience but also an insightful one. Get ready for new tastes and textures, vibrant colours, quirky ingredients, great conversations, and unforgettable memories!

Work in exchange for food and lodging

In exchange for food and lodging, homestay families will often be more than happy to take in travellers looking for some real cultural experience. If you're up for it, we suggest staying with a family who lives in a remote village. The best way to explore remote villages is by their food. Plus, there's nothing like watching the sun set behind palm trees with the smell of fresh coconut hanging heavy in the air.

Thank you for reading.


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