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Things you should keep in mind before you explore Vanjangi Hills

“I wanted everybody to see a sunrise and be knocked out by the miracle of it, the world being created every morning.”

Did you say sunrise? Oh I heard Vanjangi Hills. Vanjangi Hills is located near Paderu in the Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, in Visakhapatnam district. It is the latest hill station in India to have surfaced and is enjoying quite a moment among mountain lovers.


Also known as “The Ocean of endless Clouds” , which seems quite well fitting. As tourists have never seen such a majestic view. The dream-like cascade of clouds gives birth to the most beautiful sunrise . The dawn unfolds gradually and a golden horizon pops into view as the sun rises from the dense, wispy clouds.

The place is yet untouched and unexplored so if you are planning a brief vacation to this magical place to feel a connection with nature’s marvels then here are a few points you should keep in mind.

  • Best time

During winters in December and January, this is a must see location. The weather is pleasant, and the temperatures are moderate. You will experience milky fog ponds, mesmerising sceneries and falling dew.

The best time to see the sunrise is between 5 and 6 a.m. It is a great delight to watch the sun rise and witness the beauty of the mountains.

  • Trekking

This hill station is approximately 6 km away from Paderu. From there one can do a 5 km walk through dense forests in the early hours of the morning to enjoy a magnificent sunrise view. Once you reach the hilltop, you will feel as if you are standing on the clouds. It is a surreal experience!

  • Gear up for camping 

Don’t forget to carry your essentials for trek . Pack waterproof jackets, snacks , water, portable charger , headgears and first aid kit. Wear comfortable clothes and good grip shoes. You can find a complete list of essentials here .

  • Give a shot to Araku valley 

Vizag, Paderu and Araku all recite near Vanjangi hills. The best pick is Araku which is just 44 km away from Paderu, visit the Ooty of AP and enjoy your one night stay. Araku valley is famous for its waterfalls , coffee plantations , caves and beautiful gardens.

  • Mobile signals

Sometimes you may not get good mobile signals, don’t worry and hesitate to ask for help from the local community residing in the area.

  • Transportation 

As of now there is no railway station in Vanjang hill. However, one can take a train till Anakapalle, a nearby town and then, drive from Anakapalle to Vanjangi.

Take a break from the daily hustles and plan a trip to Vanjangi hills away from the congestions of the city, traffic and pollution. Give your soul a break, be at peace with nature and enjoy the peacefulness.

Go where you feel most alive!


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