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Ultimate Travel packing guide for Trek

What to pack? What not to do? 

I know it’s not an easy task! After this blog you would never miss out the essentials for your trip. 

The constant feeling like you have forgotten something , can haunt you at night. The fear of overloading yourself or forgetting the most important item is real but here we are to help you. 

We know how important it is to have a checklist. Let’s pack your bags together, follow our guidelines and explore nature.

What to bring?

1. Apparels & Footwear 

Always pack an extra and comfortable pair of clothes, make sure to update yourself with weather conditions . Carry waterproof jackets , socks and caps for summer season.

For footwear carry your runners with good support.


2. Food & water

Pack snacks which give you instant energy like protein bars, nuts ,energy drinks which can easily fit in your packets. You can also carry Sandwiches and other lightweight snacks for your meal. 

Water is a necessity don’t overburden your back pack with too much food that you skip water bottles. Carry 2-3 litres of water per person

3. First aid

Trekking is adventurous but can be dangerous too, you could end up with common injuries so always carry your first aid kit which includes bandages, medicines, cotton , instant pain relief spray etc

4. Portable charger

This has to be one of the most important travel essentials. You wouldn’t want your cell or camera to die when you are capturing the moments with you. So always carry portable chargers so that you take loving memories at your home .

5. Sunscreen , face cream and Lip balm

Sunscreen is important while traveling to protect your skin from UV rays and also keep yourself moisturized by carrying face creams and lip balm.

6. Headgears


Whatever the weather is it’s important to carry your head gears to protect your face from cold winds or hot breeze, always carry woolen caps, sun caps, sunglasses and bandannas 

7. Traveling pouch

Stuff your pouch with all your small accessories like face wash, sanitiser, lip balm , toiletries and lip balm.

8. Personal items

Carry credit card, cash , ids and cellphones 

“These are the few essential items according to us that you need , the things can be tailored according to your needs. If we forgot something which you find really important comment down below so that we can add to our list too “

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