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Why Gen Z is ditching luxurious hotels over eco stay

Values of being eco-conscious, indulging in sustainability practices and supporting local communities have sent a wave of revolution, especially among the younger generation, the Gen Z. They want to experience a relaxing, educational and adventurous vacation with a guilt-free conscience that the hotel industry has taken note of leading to the emergence of the ‘green hotels’, These ecoresorts are persistently trying to achieve greater environmental sensitivity and sustainability through various eco techniques and working closely with the native tribe and community and the delicate ecosystem shared by a plethora of life forms.

The eco-stays draw on and perfectly blend with the local and cultural environment. The architectural grammar of ecostay is developed to maintain the visual harmony of the topography, ensure that the indoors opens up to ample natural light and scenic views of the world outside and inculcate the spiritual properties of nature.

The rawness and the mystical beauty of ecostays have not escaped Gen Z’s attention. Gen Z, who are the trend makers, have already started to ditch the luxurious resorts in favour of eco resorts and here’s why-

  • Adventure seekers

The yearning to get out of comfort zones and into the wilderness brings Gen z to eco stays. They usually plan to take adventurous and outdoorsy trips with some fun activities to reconnect with Mother Nature .

  • Unique experience 

Unmatchable zeal and enthusiasm is a characteristic that defines the new generation traveller. The rebels are opportunists, adventurers and want to explore the unexplored destinations. The new set of travellers want to break through the conventional shackles of travelling by being torchbearers of exploring unique destinations which make them close to nature.

  • Budget 

Oldest Gen Z just stepped up to their first job, knowing how hard it is to earn money. So they end up looking at good deals and realising that staying at an eco stay, especially living in dorms where they get to connect with fellow mates  has been a much more exciting, affordable and adventurous option than to get some facilities at a hotel.

  • Authenticity 

When they travel, Gen Z prefers to live like locals, crowds of fellow tourists are not their favourite thing. They suggest going somewhere off the beaten path. Interacting with local culture and experiencing their way of life excites them. Living closely with the native tribe such as at Maryland resort and dancing along with them around the bonfire is the way of the Gen Z to rekindle the lost art and knowledge. 

  • Sustainability 

They understand the concept of sustainability and are more concerned about the environment. They prefer to stay at places that rely on natural energy sources, source organic produce for the fresh warm meals and lay heavy emphasis on using biodegradable and recyclable things.

  • Soul cleansing  

With the citylife taking a toll on the mental and spiritual health, eco stays are seen as a retreat to rejuvenate the tired soul and relax the mind from the pressures of mind. Taking a trek into the wilderness, camping under starlit sky or just meditating and reading on a rock by the waterfall, Gen Z is willing to explore their way to heal and care for self. That is the reason why Treksome campgrounds have allured Gen Z to experience living slowly but in a fun way!

I hope many of you adventurous travellers agree with the above points , so why not give eco stay a try?

We would love to host you!



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