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Treksome Terms & Conditions

The rules mentioned below are designed to safeguard each member and provide an opportunity for all the members to have fun. We request all members to go through our policy and rules before participating in the camping ground or Resort operated by TREKSOME.



The following rules detail what is expected from a member/participant of TREKSOME. Failure to adhere to them may lead to disciplinary actions.



TREKSOME organisers will facilitate members at the camping ground that is operated by treksome, and the member voluntarily takes part in such camping. We have done everything possible to ensure that the participants have a smooth and satisfactory experience. However, there is a chance that such activities entail a certain amount of risk, which may cause damage to equipment, injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent trauma or death. There may also be a certain level of unpredictability, discomfort or uncertainty associated with such camping. Outdoor camping & trekking, in particular, are not all about luxury or just having fun. It involves a lot of adventure, exertion, and connecting with nature; rediscovering oneself. As a participant, you agree and undertake to sign a separate TREKSOME - Indemnity Bond before you join an event organised by TREKSOME.



  • Make sure you reach on time for the camping. We never wait for anyone so if you can’t plan your day it is your fault and not a fault of an organiser or other participants who came on time.

  • No refund will be provided in case you are late.



We always want participants to return from our camping ground hale and hearty. As such, we adhere to a set of rules to ensure safety.

  • Our camping ground have a mandate that we have an appropriate First Aid Kit.

  • Non-swimmers are never allowed to get into pools without a swimming tube (It is mandatory for all non-swimmers to carry a swimming tube else they will not be allowed to get into the natural pool and in some cases an organiser can send them back before even trek starts.)

  • Participants are requested to cooperate with organizers.


No Drinking & No Smoking at camping ground/resort:

Drinking and Smoking is strictly prohibited for the entire duration of your stay in our camping ground, from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure.

Anyone not following this rule will be asked to leave immediately and there will be no refund.


  • Each person who comes to the camping ground is expected to behave in a gentle and civil manner

  • Please avoid getting too personal with anyone, regardless of how well you know them.

  • Please avoid discussing anything on SEX, POLITICS, COMPANY and RELIGION.

  • Don’t involve yourself in any anti-social, deviant or unacceptable social behaviour.

  • Possess to-do and supportive nature to rest of campers.

  • TREKSOME camping ground is not a place for indulging in dating, if you are looking for either you are at the wrong place.



  • As bringing oneself close to nature, we love to stay under the open sky most of the time.



  • Dropouts will be refunded as per the cancellation and refund policy of treksome.


On your booking date:

  • Do not litter. If you come across any litter, collect it and take it and dispose of it in the nearby dustbin. We follow a strict policy of "cleanliness" of the camping ground.

  • Silent hours begins from 8PM and ends at 6AM everyday. Campers should not play music or make noise during that time.

  • Do not harm flora and fauna

  • Bring your personal medication, if there is anything specific.

  • Follow camping/resort ground rules stated by the campsite/resort manager.


The campsite/resort manager can make your slot available for new people if he/she finds you violating the above terms and conditions at any point of time during your stay at the camping ground/resort.

In case of any other queries you have, feel free to mail us at

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