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This Is Our Story


Hello, my dear friend, 
I'm so delighted to see you keen to know about work & motive. You are truly amazing. 
I'm Samvedh, Founder & CEO of Treksome. Personally, I love travelling. My solo trek to Rupin Pass in the Himalayas made me realise not to give up on anything, making me feel alive. I have been to places across India, observed various cultures, tasted delicious foods & lived & loved those endless conversations with the locals wherever I go. I discovered that I love interacting with people, hosting them & feeling elated making a smile on their faces. That very moment, I decided to start treksome along with my wonderful team & started hosting people at various treks & camps. With that kickstart, I entered into hospitality, with which I fell in love completely. Hosting has become an integral part of my life. That is how I set up a resort and campgrounds to serve a beautiful lifestyle in Araku Valley.

We are a startup that offers unique and memorable experiences for travellers at our resorts and campsites. In addition, we also run a postcard subscription service, allowing customers to send and receive curated & unique postcards from all around the world. Whether you're seeking adventure or simply want to stay connected with loved ones, we have something for everyone.

I'm glad you found it interesting and came up here.
Hope to see you soon!

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