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7 Awe-Inspiring Food Places in Araku Valley That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Araku Valley, India’s Best-Kept Secret! This place is simply stunning and boasts some truly amazing food places that will just amaze you. Check out 7 Awe-Inspiring Food Places in Araku Valley That Will Make Your Mouth Water!

1. Yummy Uttapam & Tasty Pesarattu at Sannibabu Hotel in Boddavara

The long drive to Boddavara is worth it if you’re heading there for breakfast. Though it is a small hut, Sannibabu serves delectable Uttapam & Pesarattu at a very reasonable price. You will find few tourists here but nothing will deter you from enjoying some awesome food on the way to Araku. And the interesting thing about this place is they don't use conventional stoves & gas to cook food. Instead, they use fire out of wood which adds a great flavour and ambience to the food and place.

2. Laxmi Akka's Melting Idlis & Thinnest Rava Dosa at Anantagiri

This one more tiny hut is located at Anantagiri, right opposite the Police Station. The food served here is amazing. Their ‘melting idlis’ will melt your heart as it has a heavenly & smooth texture and disappearing ability immediately after you consume them. We can bet you that the world's tastiest Rava Dosa is made here. If you are a person who loves to try something authentic and local, then you must definitely visit Laxmi Akka’s place during your long drive to Araku.

3. Rajula Bhojana Hotel near Boddavara Checkpost

Located near Boddavara Check Post, Rajula Bhojana Hotel is a popular dining spot which serves typical local food. The meat cooked here is tender and juicy and goes perfectly with rice. This place also has a nice ambience which you can enjoy as you eat to your heart’s content. Along with the Non-Veg Specials they make, the homemade powders they serve along with Ghee are highlights of this place.

4. Bamboo Chicken or Paneer at Chaparayi Water Cascade

There is a good chance that you’ve eaten at Chaparayi, but unless you took a long drive down to its original location from Araku, you haven’t yet tasted what is arguably one of its most well-known dishes. Featuring bamboo chicken or paneer made using bamboo. Marinaded Chicken or Paneer stuffed into the bamboo and allow to burn in the woods for some time. Boiled Chicken or Paneer with the flavour of Bamboo mixed with the dish makes it delicious, unique and visually stunning—which makes it perfect for Instagram.

5. Homely Food at Maryland Resorts

If you’re a traveller, you should visit Maryland Resorts. This place is famous for its homely food and tantalising taste that can make anyone fall in love with its food along with a spectacular Valley View. If you have not tried it yet, you are missing a lot. The ambience of Maryland Resorts also adds to our joy while we eat.

6. Rajasthani Samosa & Hot Hot Jalebi at Araku Junction

You will not go wrong with a Samosa and Jalebi combination! Go for it. The Rajasthani snack at Araku Junction is a treat to your taste buds. And hey, don’t forget to add some Jalebi on top of your samosa!

7. Chicken Seekhs & Sweet Corn at Galikonda View Point

The fresh Seekh and sweet corn sold at Galikonda View Point are a must-try. The greenish sweet corn is beyond delicious and can be relished with Chicken Seekh Kebabs. The seekhs are prepared using freshly ground masala, which gives them a distinct flavour. If you do not prefer chicken, you can have it with paneer too! The View, the Hotness & the taste makes it an amazing retreat.

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