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How to travel under your budget- Frugal travelling

Swiping through your friends' stories and sharing their travel stories might have you daydreaming about faraway beaches and green valleys, right? But later, you realise your bank balance does not match your expectations but what if I tell you ‘traveling does not have to cost your entire salary, nor does it have to drain your pockets’- if you know how to manage your pennies.

We've compiled a list of tried and tested tips to help you satisfy your wanderlust on a budget.

  • Plan around off seasons 

Various destinations have different tourist seasons so make sure to travel on ‘shoulder season’ so that you save yourself from the up prices which they charge during holidays and it will also help you to explore less crowded places.

  • Stay in dorm

Ditch expensive hotel suites for dorm rooms, sharing a room naturally divides the costs and communal bunk rooms offer the opportunity to meet people who might be keen to explore with you, so you may end up sharing transportation and food charges.

If you are going to offbeat locations like Araku Valley in Visakhapatnam then Maryland resort is a good option to stay in as it offers cool dormitory rooms at very affordable prices with awesome services and friendly staff , you can check the dorm rooms here.

  • Ecostay and volunteer work

Many lodgings are emerging that intend to give the visitors a taste of living in harmony with nature and working along with it. Such hostels have volunteering programs which provide free lodging and food in exchange for a couple of hours of service. The roles are truly diverse and range from being kitchen assistant to managing sales and marketing.

  • Book in advance 

Prices will go up as time gets closer to your trip so booking ahead of time guarantees you an affordable ride and stay.

  • Choose your destination carefully 

Some places are naturally more expensive or cheaper than others so researching places before getting into them is always a better option .

  • Explore the Unexplored terrains

Highly famous tourist hotspots are often a lot more expensive than straying off the beaten track! Try and choose less well-known destinations.

  • Fly mid week

Flights are always more expensive at weekends, because everyone is free to travel. Try and fly on weekdays.

  • Pack carefully 

Take everything you need, do not forget anything! else it will cost a mountain to buy all the essentials items. No matter where you’re heading, take at least one pair of waterproof jacket and extra pairs of socks. In depth details check out Ultimate travelling guide.

  • Take recommendations from the locals

Speak to someone from the area and find out their favorite hotspots as they don't want to pay tourist prices for food , drinks and other activities. So it’s always better to find a local buddy , I guarantee you won’t regret it.

  • Try to cover near by places by walk

Walking is the cheapest form of transport and by far the best way to discover a new area. Try to avoid taxes and Uber instead rent a bike or public transportation.

  • Plan minimum spending and stick to it

Plan your budget and try not to overspend , it will keep you away from stress and burden.

What are your budget travel top tips? We would love to know!

Keep travelling, keep exploring!


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