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Reasons you can’t miss to stay at Maryland resort

When city life bores you with the constant hustle and the unending traffic jams, you

need to take a break from it to relax and replenish your mind and soul. The best escape from a hectic lifestyle is a weekend getaway to our Maryland resort in Araku Valley. Explore the finer nuances of wildlife, community living, and sustainability.

In Maryland, spend beautiful time with your friends and family to experience the joy of an eco-stay by participating in different activities.We stay true to our ethos of ecotourism and conservation while offering outstanding hospitality. Maryland brings lip-smacking flavours of local cuisine to your plate and amazing services. Our staff is super friendly and understanding by nature, and we promise you a lifetime experience.

Every morning at Maryland will be a heavenly morning as we provide you with breathtaking room views.We also offer our cherished guests a unique nature walk, water body experience, and sunrise hiking in the lap of the luxuriant forests.

Keep on reading the article to know more reasons to stay with us.

  • Serene Location with stunning visual treats

To ensure you enjoy your much-awaited rejuvenation amidst nature we offer you a panoramic view of the gorgeous Araku valley just from our room. Trust us , the incredible cloud formations will be out of the blue.

  • Nature splash

What's better than a pool? Natural pool ! Surrounded by trees and sunbeds, it takes your visit into a full blown vacay mood. Humming to music and swimming away all our worries. Believe us , you've earned this much needed break.

  • Hosts that win your heart

Our staff is exceedingly warm and welcoming, we take care from guiding you with directions to a warm goodbyes. Maryland takes care of everything. Our founder and CEO Mr. Samvedh is into hospitality since a long time and knows how to deal with every situations.

  • A party for your palate

We are pretty straightforward in our menus but whatever is your mood , our food will make you happy and dancing as it is so delicious and tasteful. 

  • Uninterrupted free Wi-fi

Whether it’s about making the insta world jealous with your stunning vacation pictures or streaming your favourite shows online, you can do it all with our uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity from your cosiest space.

  • High customer satisfaction 

Based on our previous experiences, we have high customer satisfaction as customers agree that Maryland resort provides easy access to a dreamland away from the chaos and hustle of daily life. 


So, if you're looking to get away from the city and kick back and relax, you can surely visit this Eco resort in Araku valley.

For all you know you may enjoy your stay a tad too much and may not even feel like venturing beyond it!

This is where you and all your senses will be spoiled for choice.


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