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Why you should travel Solo atleast once in life

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – said Saint Augustine. Travel, in general, is a spiritual experience, but when you travel solo, the experience becomes even more internal and enlightening. 

Solo travel pledges you the chance to see the world from a unique lens. Sometimes it’s important to disconnect from daily endeavors and experience life from your own perspective.

Even though Solo travel may sound intimidating, or one may feel bored and lonely, the best part is that one is not accountable to anyone for anything. 

During a solo trip, you can do whatever you want, go wherever you want, choose your challenges, make your own mistakes, learn from them, and, in general, ascend through everything with a sense of glee.

If you want to grow as a human being and find the ultimate reason of life then here are some reasons why taking a solo adventure will heal your body inside out. 

1. Increase your confidence

The whole experience of traveling solo is challenging enough . It lets you test your limits, figure stuff on your own and discover your unknown ability. This way it boosts up your confidence and makes you a stronger person. 

2. Budget friendly 

Solo travel can be an economical option for you if you are more of a budget person . Usually with friends you agree with expensive places because of peer pressure, when you travel solo you have freedom to choose what you actually want just like dorm service’s provided by Treksome in Maryland resort are pretty economical to your pocket . It can be vice-versa also most people like to travel fancy so when on a solo trip they can enjoy luxury without thinking twice .

3. Connect with new people

Usually when people travel with family or friends, they do not interact with locals or other travelers . They tend to enjoy it with their own near and dear ones . But when people travel solo they observe other people and surroundings more and hence try to connect with them and interact because at one point while traveling solo you will want to talk to other people as it can be a little boring to just be by yourself all the time . So it helps you socialize with other travelers and locals .