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Free Camping Contest by Treksome at Araku Valley - FAQ

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Q. What is the contest about?

Ans. It’s pretty simple. We are giving out 150 people a free stay at Treksome Campground for 1 Night.

Q. How can I take part & win this contest?

Ans. Check out our Instagram handle to know more about the contest and follow @treksome.

The contest details come up daily on the feed post description.

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Q. For how long is the offer valid?

Ans. Once you win the contest, the offer is valid only on the designated date.

Q. How are the daily winners selected?

Ans. It’s a simple probability that we use the more you take part the higher your chances of winning.

Q. How many people can accompany the winner?

Ans. Any number can come with the winner, but the free stay will be only available to the one who is the winner. Any extra person will get a 50% discount for their stay.

This is exactly the experience we are giving out in the winner voucher.

Q. How to reach the campsite?

Ans. Treksome Campground is located near Sunkarametta, Araku Valley.

The full address can be found on Google as well as in our page bio.

Q. Is the offer valid for a particular place?

Ans. Yes, the offer will be valid only at Treksome Campground, Araku Valley.

Q. What should I do before coming?

Ans. Inform us 3 days before your arrival. You can either DM us on our Instagram page or mail us at or call us on 7272067067

Q. Is food included in this offer?

Ans. No, food is not included. You have to pay for everything except for the stay.

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